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Vijaya Bhanu Digital Transformations Pvt Ltd
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VB Digital Transformations Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in making Digital Twins and creating Digital Environments for its clients. Our Digital Transformation and Digitization services of Systems and process have enabled the customers with measurable metrics of their goals.

Digitalization at a company proves to catapult the performance of the company to new horizons. Digital Transformation of systems at the industry emanates in the vigorous increase in the rate of production without compromising on the Quality and Reliability.

  • Analyzing & evaluating the Digital Goals
  • Digitization of the current system
  • Integration of the process and people
  • Building Value chain with Digital Transformation

Our Team

We are working for building a total solution integrated company where the client will have the answer for his every requirement.

Sri. Peri Sastry Peri


Maruthi Kasyap (IIM)

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Lakshmi Rani

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RSSN Murthy

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Phani Kumar V

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Vamsi Krishna G

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Lakshmi Peri

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Why Choose VB?

VB Group is always spot on in proving their mettle in taking up the challenges and providing an appropriate solution meeting up with the transitions and developments transpiring in the technical world.

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Inhouse Team

  • Veteran inhouse team
  • Multiple domain experience
  • Diversified Fields
  • International Exposure
  • Vitae magnam commodi repellendus
  • On Demand availability

Digitalization of plants leads to a rapid change in the organizational settings by a proper and planned integration of implementation of digitalization in technology, management, procurement, process and meeting the business requirements. This needs a company which has inhouse expertise to serve you.

Functional Expertise:

  • Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Process and Systems expertise
  • Engineering core structure
  • Detailed Engineering Solutions
  • Global engineering partners

The industries globally are at the Genesis of Industrial Revolution 4.0 or simply Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is the collaboration of man and machine to achieve the desired production rates, consumer demands with a high rate of flexibility and drastically increase the consumer deliverables quickly. VB has built its own digital twin platform “WISTWIN™” to help its clients.

Latest Technologies:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • AI & ML
  • Data Analytics
  • Big Data
  • AR & VR

The technological enhancements VB offers in the Smart technologie are not limited to ML, AR, VR, AI and IOT, the industry 4.0 but also enabling Big data, thus featured by the intelligent association of design systems, production systems, manufacturing systems, storage systems, process systems with internet and intelligent networks like Cloud and thus the amalgamation of real and imaginary worlds in CPS which is short for Cyber Physical Systems.

Proven Solutions:

  • Deployed & Running
  • Improved Production Values.
  • Happy Clients
  • Building Vision
  • A Success Journey

Track Record speaks. Be assured of the required Cloud Services with our well versed expertise of Cloud Services, IOT services, services has a wide span of applications ranging from industrial commodities, commercial goods, Domestic appliances and so on. Just talk to our team today and start your Digital Transformation journey today.


All your Digital Transformation Requirements under one umbrella